Q: How Do I Stop Feeling Invisible?

A: I understand why you feel this way. However, please know that in the end you have the power to change the way you’re feeling. 

Feeling invisible often comes from something. Why do you feel invisible? Is it from a friend, or a family member? Do you feel as though no one cares about you? Do you try to talk or hang out with this person/multiple people and you feel as though they don’t want to hang out with you, or as if they are constantly putting you on the back burner? 

Whatever the reason is, you need to figure it out, and address it. Can you sit down and speak with these people? If you can’t, try to reach out to them a little bit more if they’re truly important to you. 

If that doesn’t work you need to come to the realization that although these people are important to you, you may not be as important to them. And that is okay! This can happen for multiple reasons. Maybe the person has a lot going on. If that’s the case try to be understanding of that. Perhaps you’re dealing with an individual that prefers to stay detached from people. If that’s the case you need to respect that and try not to take it personally. 

You cannot change people. So before you begin to believe that you have done something wrong, or start feeling as though they do not care about you look at who you’re dealing with. You can however change yourself. You can’t fault yourself for what other people do or don’t want. You can only accept it or decide to move on.

At the end of the day I would just like to remind you to please have respect for yourself. You are in charge of your emotions, your thoughts, and yourself. Do not let anyone else bring you down or let you feel less than. Choose what’s best for your life, and choose the people that make you happy. It’s okay to want that for yourself :)

- Melissa